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West Virginia Employers must follow both state law and federal law when it comes to compensating their employees. If you feel your current or former employer treated you unfairly, contact DiTrapano Law Firm in Charleston, WV today.

You may have a Wage or Hour Dispute, if one of the following applies to you:
  • You were terminated from your employment, and were not paid within 72 hours
  • You are currently employed, and not being paid every 2 weeks
  • You have been given the title of manager, and don't do much managing but do work a lot of overtime
  • Your employer is taking money out of your pay check without a signed written agreement from you
There are other instances when your employer could be violating West Virginia or US laws when it comes to your job.

Because you should not have to hire an attorney to obtain the money you have worked hard to earn, employers must pay your attorneys fees in these types of cases, if you prevail.

Call DiTrapano Law Firm at 304.414.0184, or contact us online, if you believe your employer is not paying you in accordance with West Virginia and U.S. laws.

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